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Amadeus Air Content

Always 00 Confident
Our growing air content offer has been designed to help you grow your business and capture ever more sales opportunities in the most efficient and profitable way. With new and exciting airline content becoming available, you can now exceed your customers’ expectations even more by personalising their journey from one single integrated platform. 
Always 00
As travel trends continue to diversify, with businesses becoming even more connected and travellers seeking new and exciting experiences, the demands and expectations from air travel have become more complex and personal.
Amadeus’ on-going commitment to offer the widest possible choice of merchandising content enables you to personalise your service, regardless of the request. So it doesn’t matter how far and wide your customers travel aspirations go, you can be confident that you can book the right services for them.
By booking in Amadeus, you’ll get access to:
  • 440+ airlines, 100+ of which are low cost and hybrid carriers
  • Access to the same fares available anywhere else for over 110 airlines
  • Ancillary services from over 90 airlines, which includes everything from bags and seats, to sports equipment and firearms
  • Hundreds of fare family options from some of the world’s leading airlines
00 Confident
Building strong and loyal customer relationships requires you to be able to support them in every situation, whether with last minute arrangements, or in a moment of disruption.
With 130+ airlines using Altea, Amadeus’ world-class airline passenger service solution, you’ll benefit from unmatched PNR accuracy and visibility by working on the same technology platform as these airlines, unlike with any other system. In addition, you’ll also benefit from the highest level of access including last seat availability for over 290 airlines. All of this allows you to make every booking with the confidence in knowing that you’re getting the very best deal, in addition to:
  • Capturing every sales opportunity with visibility right down to the last seat
  • Ability to view and book from the graphical seat map
  • Personalise service based on the Frequent Flyer status and travel preferences
  • Access to a single PNR, so you can see and manage all updates to the passengers itinerary
  • Instant confirmation to bookings and changes made to existing reservations, resulting in a reduction in ADMs
Key benefits
  • Access the world’s leading air content inventory, with over 440 airlines, of which 100+ are low cost carriers and over 110 have signed full content agreements.
  • Personalise trips with access to a rich catalogue of merchandising content
  • Book with confidence, by working on the same platform as 120+ airlines across the world, giving you real-time availability
  • Beat the competition by accessing the last available seat for over 290 airlines across the world
Main features
• Fully synchronised information with 120+ airlines thanks to Altéa, a shared platform that enables airline and travel agency to work on one, single PNR.
• Daily OAG feed delivering up-to-date flight information.
• More than 290 airlines on the highest level of access, granting travel agencies access to real-time information and security about the content they can offer to their customers.
• Nego space secures allotments of inventory even when there is no availability through other channels.
• Full content secured with more than 110 airlines. This content parity delivers access to same content and fares as available across all other sales channels e.g. airline website/call centre.
• Instant confirmation to seat requests and no rejected sales. 
• Automatic personalisation to customer contexts and Frequent Flyer status.

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