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Meet our employees

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We understand that the people at Amadeus are what makes it such a great place to work so why not see what they have to say...

Name: Paul 
Hometown: Brighton, UK
Department: Revenue & Business Information Management
Years in Amadeus: 3 and a half years

"I took part in a development program which helped me develop my professional skills and advance in my career, and that has contributed to me recently acquiring a Manager position."

Paul is English but he has been in Spain for 8 years. He studied European Business Studies which included a 1 year placement in France. Paul is planning to be at Amadeus for the forseeable future as he is very happy here. He loves the multicultural atmosphere, especially in his team which has about 12 nationalities. Paul thinks that although it's a reasonable sized company, he is still treated like an individual and is offered a very good benefits package. Paul would certainly recommend Amadeus to friends. 

Paul defines Amadeus as:  Multicultural, Professional & Dynamic


Name: Francois
Hometown: Nice, France
Department: Airline IT - Marketing & Portfolio Management
Years in Amadeus: 4 years


'What really attracted me to Amadeus was the fact that Amadeus is a global company, present in more than 200 markets."

Francois is French. After graduating from his Masters in Marketing and Communication he started to work at Amadeus Madrid in the Global Brand team, although he has since moved into the Airline IT area. He had always wanted to work in an international environment, to use his language skills and to develop his cross-cultural competences. He thinks that Amadeus is a really fun and enriching place to work as you are in permanent contact with open-minded people from various nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Francois would definitely recommend Amadeus to anyone who is creative, adaptable and who wants to perform and grow in a truly multicultural environment.

Francois defines Amadeus as: International, Successful, People


Name: Fayza
Hometown: Guercif, Morocco
Department: Travel Services Business Group
Years in Amadeus: 2 years

"I strongly recommend Amadeus because it can offer you a lot of things escpecially a great work-life balance."

Fayza is Moroccan but studied Business in Spain. She also did an Erasmus year in Germany and a year in the USA. Then she came back to Madrid and started work at Amadeus. It was initially recommended to her by a friend but as soon as she started to look into it for herself, she realised how international and diverse it was and that was what attracted her the most. She thinks that there is a great international environment at Amadeus as there are people from so many different cultures.

Fayza defines Amadeus as: Diverse, Respectful, Knowledgeable



Name: David
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Department: Commercial Finance - Airline Distribution
Years in Amadeus: 4 years

"Amadeus has great people to work with and learn from".

David is Australian and has been living in Spain for 8 years, following a period living and working in London. He studied Chemical Engineering in Australia and did an MBA at a Spanish business school. He was attracted to Amadeus because of it's complex and dynamic business model, its multicultural environment, and the fact that its headquarters are in Madrid . He feels that this is the first multinational that he has worked at that feels truly international.

David defines Amadeus as: Complex, Challenging, Rewarding


Name: Steve
Hometown: Eagle Grove, Iowa, United States
Department: Internal Communication, Corporate Human Resources
Years in Amadeus: 5 Years

"Amadeus is a well-managed company and has a good future ahead of it”.

Steve was born in the United States but has lived more than half his life outside the US.  He joined Amadeus Madrid about 5 years ago.  Steve studied economics and then completed an MBA with an emphasis on International Finance.  Joining Amadeus was appealing because it was different to what he had done before, with the opportunity to work in the head office and live in a new country.

Steve defines Amadeus as Successful, Challenging and Global  


Name: Sofia
Hometown: Naples, Italy
Department: Commercial Finance, Planning & Controlling
Years in Amadeus: 1 year and a half

"During my internship, I felt like I had complete support from my bosses and team, and was given a great deal of responsibility, no different to any of the other members of my team.'

Sofia did an internship in Revenue Management at Amadeus Madrid as part of her UK University degree. In her 1 year at Amadeus she says that she learnt an immense amount, yet she knew there was still potential for her.  Within one month of finishing her University degree, she was back in Madrid and offered a position in the Planning & Controlling team. She thinks that the work is challenging, the people are supportive and she has no regrets about coming back to Madrid and to Amadeus.

Sofia defines Amadeus asStimulating, Positive & Engaging


Name: Pablo
Hometown: Madrid, Spain
Department: Commercial Finance
Years in Amadeus: 2 years

"Work in different places, different departments and with different cultures; at Amadeus you can do it all."

Pablo did a double degree between a Spanish and an English University and then went on to do a Masters in Foreign Trade. Straight after his studies he moved to Bangkok, Thailand to work for the Embassy and then began working at Amadeus before tranferring to Amadeus, Madrid. He thinks that at Amadeus there is a clear strategy so you always know the steps to follow. Also, although it is a very objectives orientated company, there is still a very high level of teamspirit. He would recommend Amadeus if you want to build your career based on diversity.

Pablo defines Amadeus as: Global, Flexible, Technological


Name: Miguel-Angel
Hometown: Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Department: Internal Information Systems
Years in Amadeus: 7 years

"At Amadeus, you meet people who have a different point of view to  you and that is always interesting."

Miguel-Angel is from Equatorial Guinea, he studied Telecommunication Engineering in Madrid and then he moved to Germany and worked with Amadeus in Erding for 5 years. He thinks that Amadeus is challenging but also exciting, his position in particular depends a lot on both technical expertise and soft skills. Also, Amadeus is becoming more and more involved in social projects to help the underprivileged which he thinks is great!

Miguel-Angel defines Amadeus as: International, Multicultural, Exciting