Better Business, Smarter Travel

Better Business - Smarter Travel: Making Business Fly

More connected, more integrated, more options for those who travel for business.

Today’s business traveller is looking for personalised travel choices and personalised service, - all quickly and easily delivered.

This is the age of instant messaging and ‘always on’ social media. For TMCs and corporations, it’s a challenge…

TMCs must continue to add to the value that they provide, and corporations need to embrace changes in how employees want to travel. A joined-up approach where the interests of travellers, corporations, travel agents and travel providers meet is critical.  

In 2015, we introduced the term 3.0 "Managed Travel 3.0" to set out this new vision. Content is crucial, both bookable and non-bookable. User reviews and destination content is just as important as the flight and the hotel. Email, a web interface and a call centre are no longer enough.

Emerging technologies – such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things – all also have the power to further transform corporate travel. The time is right to look together at this future…

In  Better Business, Smarter Travel: Perspectives on the future of Managed Travel 3.0 we’ve compiled perspectives from top Amadeus experts on key topics; from the new world of travel content to mobile to blockchain, chatbots and other new technologies as well as regional perspectives from around the world.  

We’re on a journey together towards Managed Travel 3.0.