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Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund

Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund

ATC Refund is a new feature of the ATC product, using ATPCo filed data to offer a fully automated passenger refund calculation tool.
Automated refunds are guaranteed, and can be calculated quickly and efficiently for all published fares and all types of ticket.ATC Refund delivers a significant reduction in the time spent on refund calculation, with resulting productivity gains, and also helps to eliminate the risk of errors and associated ADMs.
Key benefits
Refund request

The refund calculation incorporates the following steps:
  • Validates the refund conditions;
  • Calculates fare used, if a partially used ticket is being refunded;
  • Calculates amounts to be refunded, including fare and taxes;
  • Verifies any cancellation penalty
ATC Refund record

The breakdown of the refund details are displayed in the refund record.
Refund confirmation

Once verified, the refund is confirmed in a single step.

ATC Refund is a fully automated, efficient guaranteed refund solution.
Main features
Save time and money
ATC Refund delivers impressive efficiency and productivity gains by greatly reducing the time spent on refund processing.

Eliminate errors
ATC Refund eliminates the risk of errors, helping to secure revenue and reduce the number of debit memos.

Guaranteed results
ATC Refund supports recognised industry standards using ATPCO category 33 filed data, allowing Amadeus to guarantee automated refunds.

Streamlined processing
A fully automated refund calculation tool for all ticket and all published fares means fast, efficient handling for you and your customers.

Seamless integration
ATC Refund uses existing Auto-Refund expertise, meaning effortless integration and minmal training.

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