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Amadeus Open Profile Suite

Amadeus Open Profile Suite

Amadeus Open Profile Suite provides travel agencies with a centralised, flexible profile management system that works with any 3rd party system, delivering consistent and accurate profile data, and helping to optimise agency productivity.
It offers:
  • High quality, structured traveller profile data, maintained by both travellers and travel agents, stored in a secure environment.
  • Data sharing capabilities with GDSs, self-booking tools, mid & back-office systems, online booking tools or third party repositories, optimising productivity and delivering consistency across all systems.
  • Flexible and dynamic architecture. Open Profile Suite can handle the customisation needs of both travel agencies and corporations, providing complete control over profile operations.
Open Profile Suite targets both leisure and corporate travel, and guarantees complete cross-channel services.
Key benefits

Gain complete control of your profile data

  • Traveller profile data is distributed across multiple systems
  • Fully protected and versatile profile operations to match individual agency requirements
  • Standard and customisable profile fields provide optimal flexibility
  • Rules create structure and simplify the management of optional and multiple fields
  • Secure, reliable data storage assured by Amadeus

Increase your productivity and reduce operating costs

  • Rules management avoids agent and traveller errors
  • Accurate profile data publication provides consistency across all systems
  • Centralised profile management reduces the need for manual maintenance

Increase your productivity and reduce operating costs

  • A single interface to manage profiles in multiple databases eliminates data maintenance duplication
  • A self-service graphical interface allows travellers to manage their own profiles, reducing the time spent by travel agents

Enhance your customer service

  • Amadeus Open Profile Suite supports 16 languages and has multiple character set capability
  • Up-to-date traveller profile data ensures better quality customer servicing
  • Data synchronisation makes certain your customers always benefit from complete and accurate profile information

Secure and reliable Amadeus hosting (99.7% uptime & ISO compliant)Less training: intuitive graphical user interfaces allow travel agents to significantly reduce training time, and to speed up productivity levelsA proven, dynamic and reliable solution, with more than 120 million profiles already stored in Amadeus, and over 3 million daily profile retrieves
Main features

A unique offer

  • Amadeus Open Profile Suite is a unique product, being the first platform to be made available to travel agents that centralises the handling of profile management, and which is capable of cross-channel data sharing.

Manage everything from one interface and simplify your workflow
  • A single interface to share profile data with all the main peripheral systems: all 6 GDS (Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Abacus, Worldspan, Apollo), the 4 main Self Booking Tools (GetThere, Cliqbook, e-redcap, IFAO as well as Amadeus e-Travel Management), Mid/Back Office systems (including Amadeus Agency Manager), online booking engines, 3rd party systems, etc.)
  • High quality and structured traveller profile data which is managed in a consolidated, secure, flexible and dynamic environment


  • Available in 16 different languages: English (GB & US), French (France & Canada), German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Brazilian.


Simplify the way you work with a consolidated view of your profile data that benefits your own business and your customers.