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Amadeus Mobile Messenger


Amadeus Mobile Messenger provides professional assistance for handling disruptive events such as weather events, political unrest or natural disasters, and allows 2-way communication with travellers at any time. This ensures the agent/travel manager is always in complete control of the situation and provides peace of mind to travellers.
Key benefits
Filtering and location
Precise itinerary geocoding display
Multi-location display
Filtering by specific itinerary attributes
Graphical tools to forecast future traveller activity
Messaging capabilities
One-way message to inform travellers (via SMS, smartphone, email)
Two-way feedback messaging (via SMS, smartphone, email)
Location request (using GPS functionality within smartphone)
Communication history messaging capabilities
Defined search areas (polygon query)
Identify travellers in a specific area
Auto-messaging feature allows communication with travellers within the polygon as well as those whose itineraries are scheduled to enter the polygon within an identified date range
Workload management
Manually assign itineraries to a static group for handling.
Passenger itineraries can be locked for handling when a traveller is stranded in a location
Dynamic group: rule-based grouping of itineraries, updated in real time based on itinerary feed
Risk Management
Identify travellers according to a country's risk level
Provide accurate, real time destination information and incident analysis
Communicate relevant notices and alerts to travellers

Amadeus Mobile Messenger delivers fast, efficient incident management, with all the required information in a single tool to be able to identify, analyse and assist travellers without delay.
Amadeus iBank provides travel data warehousing, reporting and analytics to acquire travel data from multiple sources, standardise data so it is meaningful and distribute data as required.
Consolidate data from all markets, track total travel spend, identify trends, monitor policy compliance and improve your profitability and travel programme return on investment.
Main features
Locate travellers instantly
Itineraries are represented via a dynamic map interface, allowing you to quickly pinpoint a traveller's exact location.
Focus on relevant data
Traveller data within Amadeus Mobile Messenger is automated and updated in real-time, ensuring users always have the latest information to work with. Various options to filter the information are available, allowing you to better define the itineraries or travellers that you need to work with.
Communicate effortlessly
Amadeus Mobile Messenger gives you the means to communicate with travellers at any time, with message templates available to facilitate the communication of critical information to travellers.
Optimise workflow
Amadeus Mobile Messenger incorporates a number of intelligent features that allow you to optimise the workflow for incident management, delivering real time saving and making the process more cost-efficient.

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