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Traveller servicing

Traveller servicing

Advanced "pre-, in- and post-trip" information and tools allowing you to better serve your clients throughout the whole travel experience.

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents

    Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents is a suite of professional travel documents that provides tailored content to complement each reservation. With a choice of formats and languages, documents can be sent and tracked smoothly and efficiently to provide your customers with a superior and more convenient travel experience.

  • Amadeus Offers

    Amadeus Offers delivers a significant time-saving of over 60% on existing trip proposal processes.

  • Amadeus Cross-Sell Notifier

    Amadeus Cross-Sell Notifier is designed to target the traveller with additional cross-sell content, such as hotels, car rental or ancillary services, through email or SMS, based on eligible PNRs where the related segment is missing.

  • Amadeus Total Travel Record (TTR)

    Amadeus Total Travel Record (TTR) is a combination of different features that allows all travel information to be stored in one place and facilitates additional Amadeus products and services.

  • Amadeus Travel Alerts Notifier (ATAN)

    Travel notifications on the move

  • Amadeus Ticket Changer

    With Amadeus Ticket Changer you can service your customers' change requests anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, giving them the right fare and the right penalty charges guaranteed.

  • Amadeus Mini Rules

    Amadeus Mini Rules provides a short and easy to read summary of the most important fare rules applied for a given pricing in a structured format to airline and travel agency customers so they can be clearly understood by end-users.

  • Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund
    Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund

    ATC Refund is a new feature of the Amadeus Ticket Changer product suite bringing full automation to the ticket refund calculation process.

  • Amadeus Open Profile Suite

    Amadeus Open Profile Suite provides travel agencies with a centralised, flexible profile management system that works with any 3rd party system, delivering consistent and accurate profile data, and helping to optimise agency productivity.

  • Amadeus Mobile Messenger

    A real-time, web-based disruption management solution, for agencies and corporations who care for their travellers and employees, wherever they are.

  • CheckMyTrip

    CheckMyTrip is a simple itinerary management tool that helps travellers manage their trips.