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Amadeus Touchless Solutions

Amadeus Touchless Solutions

Amadeus Touchless Solutions are built on a flexible automation platform, which can be fully customised to help you process and better manage the time-consuming and complex tasks in your agency. Unlike other solutions which work on a closed set of business rules (requiring in-house expertise for rule creation and maintenance), Amadeus Touchless Solutions bring you the assurance of a robust system, along with the flexibility of fully customisable modules, and allow you the freedom to perform your own configuration.
Key benefits
  • Save time and resources on repetitive tasks
  • Ensure quality with automated checks to streamline business processes
  • Provide data consistency for mid and back-office
  • Deliver highly valued services to your customers
  • Reduce overheads by eliminating the cost of technology maintenance and management
  • Benefit from innovative technology and agile delivery mode
  • Increase productivity for ticket and document issuance
  • Stay ahead of the competition with customised services

Modular and open systems technology mean you can optimise your current IT operations. Fully compatible with all Amadeus front-office systems, Amadeus Touchless Solutions fit easily into your existing environment and allow 3rd party data integration for use with mid and back-office. All modules are tailor-made to your specific requirements, and are provided with a configuration website. Solution administrators can easily monitor, control and update their rules and parameters, quickly obtain real time statistics and generate bespoke reports.

Main features
Quality control and file finishing
Manage rules to suit your established processes and guarantee the quality of your PNRs. 
Save time and reduce errors with automated checks for completion and consistency
Queue Management
Improve operating efficiency, and reduce repetitive monitoring with optimised queue processing
Better control your ticketing process:
Increase ticket throughput with automated ticketing and batch processing tasks
Remove concerns around fare expiration dates.
Schedule Change
Serve your customers efficiently with automated schedule change alerts, and avoid delays in trip confirmation 
Free up resources to focus on complex follow-up.
Customer and agency notifications
Improve customer service with automated, customised alerts, and engage with your customers via personalised emails/requests
Fare monitoring and optimisation
Manage your fares efficiently:
Load the lowest fares daily. Make fare comparisons and learn more about the competition
Reporting and administration
Provide accurate reporting on transactions via a flexible reporting interface based on your business needs. Benefit from tailor made reports with real time activity tracking
Data & system integration
Enable a diversity of tailor made automation including external system integration

Have a look at Amadeus Touchless Solutions infographics and video
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