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Amadeus Air Preferences

Amadeus Air Preferences

Amadeus Air Preferences influences booking behaviour and ensures that agents sell in the most profitable way. Personalised business rules provide travel agencies with complete control over the availability, schedule and timetable displays which agents see by default, favouring preferred providers and optimising revenue opportunities.
Standard agent entries make this a cost effective, easy to use solution, allowing total flexibility to customise both airline and route selections according to travel agencies individual business rules and customer criteria.
Key benefits

Real time data
Biasing rules apply on top of fully dynamic route selection, based on up-to-the-minute flight schedule information


Real time updates
Changes to air preferences can be implemented immediately ensuring that the benefits of new agreements are realised in the fastest possible time.


See the rule effect before storing a preferences rule, thanks to the "e;simulation"e; function.


Hierarchy retrieval
Find out which rule applies in one shot. All information shown within the same interface.


Preferred hubs and providers
Drive sales to specific partners and hubs by including excluding preferences

Main features
Instant proficiency
Create simple and complex rules for any point of sale, origin and destination with the simple to ease GUI and guided workflow 
Increase sales revenues and increase negotiating power with providers
Sell travel solutions that are best suited to your agency's business requirements. Determine which flights agents see in a display and the order in which they appear. 

Optimise premium selling periods
Control promotional periods with validity settings 

Improve customer loyalty
Merged air display showing both agency and client preferences 

Easy maintenance
Simulate the impact of an air preferences rule before putting it online using the built-in simulator

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