Amadeus Selling Platform

Amadeus Selling Platform

Amadeus Selling Platform is the world’s most widely used retailing application. This browser-based point-of-sale platform makes it faster and easier than ever to sell all air and non-air travel content and perform all pre and post-sale activities – all on a single screen interface. With greater content access and superior sales efficiency, you’ll have more to sell at your fingertips. You’ll be able to maximise your sales in less time, every time.
Amadeus Selling Platform features a multi-content desktop that seamlessly integrates third-party content and applications, from front to back-office. It includes these state-of-the-art modules:
All Fares is your single all-encompassing tool to search, browse and sell the widest range of aggregated fare content.
Ancillary Services brings you closer to parity with the airlines' own online offer. That means you offer more content for your customers and more value as a travel consultant.
Hotels Plus - a one-stop-shop for all types of travel agencies: allows quick and easy comparison from multiple providers on a single screen.
Cars Plus allows you to book hotel and car content with intuitive graphical user interfaces that improve efficiency.
Profiles Plus helps you manage all your customer profile information and make offers in line with their preferences.
Fly By Rail lets you book Eurostar high-speed trains directly through the airline availability display. Ticketless Access allows you to compare and book low cost carrier fares through the same screen as full service carriers, as part of your usual booking process.
Ticket Changer automates the process involved in reissuing a ticket online.

Key benefits

  • Sell more with one single access point to the broadest range of fares and content, including non-Amadeus content
  • Move faster with streamlined sales, booking and back-end processes to boost productivity and keep your costs down
  • Serve better by exceeding your customers' expectations with customer profiles and personalised service
  • Grow revenues with greater cross up-sell opportunities, thanks to targeted information and enhanced content messages
  • Available in 9 languages, its scalable, browser-based software makes it easy for agents to connect to the Amadeus system.
  • Choose between graphic or cryptic interfaces, making it ideal for beginner or expert users.

Main features

  • Multi-content Desktop: Seamless integration of third-party content and applications, all the way from front to back-office
  • Ancillary Services: Increased parity with the airlines' own online offer strengthens your aggregated content and consultancy value
  • All Fares: Your all-encompassing low fare search tool incorporating many flexibility features and merging Amadeus and non-Amadeus content, the time-saving Beat The Price feature and a unique calendar search option
  • Ticketless Access: High value content thanks to the integration of new business model airlines such as low cost carriers
  • Fly By Rail: Eurostar High Speed Trains have been integrated and can be booked directly from the Airline availability display. Add value to your business by complementing air segments or propose relevant alternatives to air
  • Ticket Changer: The Amadeus solution to automate the calculations necessary to reissue a ticket and store the results in the correct ticketing formats ready for the travel documents issuance.
  • Hotels Plus Cars Plus: New professional and intuitive interfaces which bring web application benefits to travel agents' sales: easy to use quick to book for improved efficiency and added value to customer offer Dual usage with combined graphic/cryptic interface: The fully integrated graphical user interface and cryptic host window make Selling Platform an ideal platform for all level of user expertise and allows consultants to choose how they work. It gives travel professionals fast, integrated, single-screen access to all travel content and fares.
  • Easy Access: Browser-based software allows agents to easily connect to the Amadeus System through the Internet or Intranet

Amadeus Selling Platform is the world's most-used retailing application for travel professionals.
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