Source the best content

Source the best content

Excite your shoppers with the best content

All GDS air content is not the same.

Amadeus gives you access to a vast and diverse world of global, regional and local air content covering your online shoppers’ travel needs. Booking air content with us gives your business powerful tools and functionalities. With them you can differentiate your service where it really matters: enhancing customer experience and developing long-term relationships.

    With Amadeus you can:

  • source the very best content from Amadeus and other providers for air and other transportation content
  • manage your own private content with air, hotel and package private content
  • differentiate your supply and enforce supplier management with content steering tools.

Related Solutions:

Public Content

  • Amadeus Air provides access to flight schedules of more than 790 global airlines out of which 508 are readily saleable. It also allows access to over 70 LCCs, representing approx 40% of the entire low cost market. 440 airlines participate in our system at the highest level that enables online travel agents to secure sales in real-time. With Amadeus Air, 248 airlines update their schedule and availability information in real-time providing travellers with the most up-to-date and accurate flight information.
  • Amadeus Ancillary Services: With Amadeus, you can obtain content parity with the direct channels for the airline's optional services offering and tailor the offer to your online shoppers' needs, improving loyalty by offering more value and full service to your online shoppers.
  • Amadeus Cars includes unique local providers and brokers that are not available through other GDSs. With more to sell and cross-sell, travel agencies have the opportunity to increase their levels of customer service whilst maximising profits. Your Online shoppers can access instantly content from 30 local car rental providers and bookers across 36,000 locations around the world.
  • Amadeus Rail provides reliable , real-time rail provider information. It facilitates making and managing reservations and issue valid travel documents. More than 50 different rail providers can be booked from Amadeus worldwide - from the full content offer of local rail providers in the key European rail markets.
  • Amadeus Cruise: an innovative and unique booking tool, Amadeus Cruise allows your business to capitalise on the potential of this fast growing area of the travel industry. It delivers real productivity and booking quality benefits through eliminating time-consuming phone reservations to call centres and providing a complete deck-based cruise reservation and information system. With content from 21 cruise providers spreadacross 50 markets, your online shoppers have access to a vast array of content representing 95% of he world cruise inventory.
  • Amadeus Insurance is an automated solution that quickens and simplifies the booking process for any insurance and assistance policy. Insurance bookings are fully integrated into the PNR for documentation and back-office purposes.

Private Content

  • Amadeus Hotel Platform is a Hotel Private Inventory for the management of negotiated rates and allotments, as well as the distribution and reservation of the concerned hotel properties (small /independent) not available in GDS or aggregators all in one same channel. It enables online shoppers to book 244 of the world's leading hotel chains accounting for over 75.000 properties.
  • Amadeus FareXpert: This web-based user interface (UI) tool allows real-time processing of fares (either manipulation or creation of fares), allowing the user to file negotiated fares; modify and maintain published fares according to agreed conditions between the airline and your online travel agency.
  • Amadeus NegoSpace: The Amadeus NegoSpace database enables airlines to provide trusted travel selling partners with an allotment of blocked space, who then use this blocked space to create a standard PNR.

Content Management

  • Amadeus Air Preferences: This powerful and flexible tool allows your online agency to bias and rank travel solutions returned by low fare search products. For the first time, travel agencies can drive the selection and sequencing of air travel solutions using their own business rules, rather than simply filtering the regulation neutral air response