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Amadeus Total Travel Record (TTR)

Amadeus Total Travel Record

TTR information will also be able to be used in a customer's mid-office system (Amadeus mid/back-office solutions or using mid-office feeds) and for business intelligence purposes.
Key benefits
Central storage of the whole trip, including non-Amadeus content, Offers content, Attachments, etc.
Improve Customer Service & Retention
-Consolidate trip information from multiple sources and present in a single itinerary to the traveller
-Share the same trip view with travellers and be able to assist them at any time.
Create new business opportunities & differentiate your offer
-Expand and diversify your portfolio of services
-Maximise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
-Understand your clients needs betterusing gathered business intelligence
-Provide tailored recommendations based on the whole trip view

Improve productivity

-Store all trip information centrally in a structured way.
-Integrate front office with the mid/back-office and business intelligence for all travel information, including non-Amadeus bookings
Main features
  • Passenger Name Record (PNR) contains Amadeus GDS bookings and related information.
  • Extended Travel Record (ETR) contains all non-Amadeus bookings in a structured way.
  • Attachments allow various types of documents to be stored among all the other trip elements.
  • Offers/Extended Offer record contains all the information about the quotes sent to the traveller before a booking is made. This information contains both Amadeus and non-Amadeus quotes. More information about Amadeus Offers can be found here.
  • Folder offers the possibility to aggregate several TTRs together and to perform single actions on each folder (for example to price, send an invoice, issue travel documents, offers or travel alerts).
  • Travel Request Record contains the details of the structured travel request sent by the traveller to the travel agent. - planned SEP 2014
  • Package allows several itinerary elements and/or offers to be bundled together in order to propose a coherent trip to the traveller and to sell several trip items with one unique price (for example a leisure package).- planned for 2015
  • Financial Data details all the information necessary to determine the selling price of the trip (commissions, mark-ups, etc.) and to conduct after-sales activities, such as invoicing and tickets refunds. - planned for 2015