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Amadeus Mini Rules


Amadeus Mini Rules provides a short and clear summary of the most important fare rules in a structured format for a given pricing. It is based on the rule restrictions that are effectively processed and validated for a given pricing context. This enables Amadeus customers (internal & external) to produce an easy to read text and create necessary translations so the traveller, the final end-user, can easily understand the restrictions related to the fare being purchased.
Key benefits
  • Easy customisation and translation
    Amadeus Mini Rules data is returned in a structured message, which is a unique feature, via dedicated Web Services. Amadeus' structured format allows for easy translation and text formatting
  • Available at/after pricing time
    Amadeus Mini Rules are available through Web Services and Selling Platform Connect. Amadeus Mini Rules data is available after itinerary pricing or re-pricing request (including ATC) and from a TST
  • 100% up to date summary of the most important conditions applicable to the ticket
    Amadeus Mini Rules are dynamically processed from the exact restrictions that are applied during the pricing - this assures 100% up to date information
Main features
  • Increase agent productivity
    • Gain time efficiency in agents trying to understand complex fare rule information
    • Allows agents to refer back to the fare rules once priced or ticketed
    • Reduce time spent searching fare rules
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Provide easy-to-read and understandable fare conditions to travellers
    • Relevant fare information can be quickly and easily shared with travellers
  • Seamless integration
    • Data is automatically processed and available through your preferred Amadeus Front Office solution
    • Data accuracy is ensured using airline filed fare rule data which guarantees the most up-to-date information is displayed
    • Web Services and API users receive data in a structured format to facilitate customisation and translation

Amadeus Mini Rules makes sense of complicated fare rules and conditions, allowing you to take advantage of clear, concise and relevant fare rule information that will help you to interpret the most important fare rules and restrictions for your customers.Watch the video and learn more.