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Shopping & search

Shopping & Search- Travel agencies

A comprehensive suite of flight shopping products across all channels and throughout the whole planning & search flow.

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Master Pricer

    Amadeus Master Pricer is the most comprehensive low-fare search and merchandising portfolio in the global online travel market, providing customers with the cheapest bookable fares, and the most convenient itineraries, over a wide choice of airlines.

  • Amadeus Master Pricer Expert

    Help your travel agency customers find the lowest airline fare by using Amadeus Master Pricer Expert.

  • Amadeus Extreme Search

    Amadeus Extreme Search the unique and inspirational shopping solution for online travel agencies, revolutionising the way travellers search for air travel online. An intuitive, powerful solution which engages travellers right at the beginning of the shopping chain even before they have decided on a destination.

  • Amadeus Meta Pricer

    Amadeus Meta Pricer provides the travel metasearch websites with an integrated solution to retrieve Airline content.

  • Amadeus Best Pricer

    Amadeus Best Pricer is a powerful low fare search and booking tool that offers the best price - in real time - for a client's itinerary. By eliminating the need for fare display and availability manual searches, Amadeus Best Pricer can provide the lowest fares in one easy step.