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Amadeus e-Travel Management for SAP Travel and Expense Management solutions

Amadeus e-Travel Management is integrated seamlessly into customers' SAP infrastructure and workflows, offering an end-to-end solution for the management of the full trip life cycle. Individual areas such as travel request, travel planning, travel booking and expense management are integrated into one efficient workflow making it easy to drive corporate policy compliance while facilitating travellers' experience:Travellers and travel arrangers save time and get greater choice thanks to automated travel management, from approval to booking and reimbursement,Travel managers and auditors analyse and drive travel budgets effectively, Travel administrators create and update traveller profiles and apply policies quickly,And companies cut process costs.
The integrated solution links all phases of travel management: submitting initial requests, planning, online booking, and submitting and settling travel expenses.

Travellers perform trip request and pre-trip approval steps in SAP; they are then seamlessly redirected to Amadeus e-Travel Management to book their trips online. Travel Managers approve the trips in SAP, and once trips are completed, travellers find all trip elements in the SAP expense management solution.

The integrated solution can be accessed in two ways, defined as two different SAP solutions.

Note that whatever the SAP solution accessed, the Amadeus e-Travel Management release integrated is always the latest release available.

The integrations possible are as follows:
  • Amadeus e-Travel Management for SAP Travel Management: where the online self-booking tool is integrated with the on-site solution (SAP Travel Management)
  • Amadeus e-Travel Management for SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense: where the online self-booking tool is integrated with the SAP cloud based solution (SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense)
Key benefits
Based on a proven technology partnership
SAP and Amadeus share one of the longest technology partnerships in the market (12 years) with a proven track record of joint customers. Moreover SAP and Amadeus operate a joint Development Lab in Sophia Antipolis, ensuring future enhancements and support.
Main features
Reduce your travel related spend
  • Gain better insight into travel costs and budget
  • Ensure compliance
  • Analyse and redefine your travel policy  li>
Increase process efficiencies:
  • Optimise processes from travel request to expense reporting
  • Reduce manual tasks
  • Get rid of costly bespoke development 
Improve user experience
  • Empower your employees to travel smarter and stay in compliance
  • Save your employees' valuable time
  • Accelerate reimbursement 

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