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Amadeus Margin Manager

Amadeus Margin Manager enables travel agents to improve their productivity and ensure margin revenue growth through the automatic calculation of services fees, mark-ups and discounts based on sophisticated margin schemes matching business requirements.  

Automatic calculation of service fees, mark-ups and discounts during the consultation and booking process guarantees the total sales price, without requiring a manual switch between front and back office systems. Thus, overall booking time is reduced. Front to back office integration is also totally seamless, thanks to the enriched Amadeus Interface Record (A.I.R). Choosing the rules to be applied is easy with Amadeus Margin Manager; different rules can be automatically attached to different customers thanks to the integration with the Amadeus Customer Profiles.  Agents can use Amadeus Margin Manager through any Amadeus front office system, and margin rules can be set up and maintained from a single administration point through Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.
Key benefits
Amadeus Margin Manager increases agent productivity by reducing the 'fee application' processing time by an average 67% compared with manual calculation. The impact on the overall reservation process is a time saving of 12% compared with manual calculation. The implementation of sophisticated travel agency fee schemes and the automation of processes enable travel agencies to grow their service fee revenue by 28%.
Main features
Amadeus Margin Manager’s real time calculation means customers are provided with the total and individual components of the price at any point of the consultation even before a firm reservation is made. This gives customers a transparent view on the pricing and agents the opportunity to secure a sale earlier in the process.

Increase Productivity
  • Calculate and charge all margins automatically
  • Set up and maintain fee, mark-up and discount rules from a single administration point in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect
  • Update multiple rules simultaneously, and instantly apply to all offices
  • Store details for accounts invoicing and statistics, and eliminate manual errors

Maximise Revenue Opportunities
  • Collect all chargeable fees and mark-ups
  • Target the most profitable sales
  • Fine tune rules in line with your cost structure and business policy

Confirm Repeat Business
  • Deliver the total sales price at any time (fares +fees + mark-ups + discounts)
  • Justify fees in line with the service you provide
  • Increase customer trust

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