Fare Families


One in a million

Our growing enriched content offer presents travel agents with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their value as travel consultants, by creating rewarding customer experiences, resulting in a more profitable business.

As part of this, fare families in Amadeus allow travel agents to help their customers navigate complex travel choices, by identifying and recommending the best fare to each customer, all based on their individual needs.

Benefits to your business:

Simple Process
Fare families have been integrated into Amadeus to help service travellers even faster. Seamless integration into the standard booking flow allows travel agents to book and price fare families in exactly the same way as any other fare type.
Instant comparison
Amadeus agents have increased visibility on airline fare families, including; the services offered, baggage and meals, the main applicable conditions like, refundable or exchangeable, as well as information on mileage accrual.
As part of the automatic upgrade recommendations, information on the price difference and the benefits of the upgrade are also displayed, making it easy for travel agents to recommend the fare that best matches their customers’ needs. With just one further click or command, agents can easily rebook the recommended fare.

Multiple touch-points
Full integration of the growing fare families’ offer in Amadeus allows travel agents to access this content across a number of points of sales, including Cryptic, the new web-based Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, Web Services and Amadeus e-Travel Management soon.

Benefits to your customer:

Clear options
With complete visibility over what’s included in each fare family, agents can provide complete transparency to their customers in order to build trust and drive loyalty.

Personalised recommendations
Our in-built upsell recommendations feature helps travel agents to easily recommend higher fares and offer a tailored air travel experience to their customers.
Enhanced experience
By offering more premium fares, travel agents can enhance their customers' overall travel experience, whether that means access to additional services or greater flexibility on their reservation.
Key benefits
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with the ability to personalise and customise each air booking based on specific traveller needs and always recommend the best-suited upgrade.
  • Access to increased transparency and visibility on airline fare family, including main fare conditions and amenities attached to each fare.
  • Increased efficiency thanks to the integration of fare families into the standard booking flow
  • Increased transparency - Give your travellers complete visibility on what’s included in the fare type, in terms of services, conditions and mileage accrual.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction - Empower your customers with choice and easily recommend upgrades to make their journey even more comfortable.
  • Efficient service - Stay competitive by saving time thanks to easy access to all bundled fares that are integrated within the standard booking flow.
Main features
  • Complete visibility on airlines fare families, including the fare family name, as well as the services and main conditions associated to each fare.
  • Increased efficiency thanks to the seamless integration into all booking flows: cryptic command page, graphic interface in the Selling Platform Connect and Amadeus Web Services. Availability through Amadeus e-Travel Management, Amadeus All Fares and Amadeus e-Power will follow soon.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with the ability to personalise and customise each air booking based on specific traveller needs.
  • Ability to target the right fare to the right customer, by pricing by fare family and later upgrade recommendations.