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Amadeus Insurance for Travel Agencies

Amadeus Insurance

Sell travel insurance the easy way with Amadeus Insurance. Give your customers peace of mind with travel insurance cover automatically tailored to their trip and increase your revenues with generous commissions at the same time. And all with just a few clicks from inside Amadeus Selling Platform!
Key benefits
  • Personalised service that sets agencies apart from competitors
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Optimised revenues
  • More than 15 global and local travel insurance companies
  • Booking in only a few key strokes
  • PNR and back-office integration

Amadeus Insurance is simple to use. In just minutes you can be booking, printing and distributing policies from your desktop.
Main features
  • Prefilled information from profiles and policies
  • Pre-defined preferences streamline booking even further
  • Fast & efficient resulting in low training requirements
  • Effortless access to generous commissions
  • Tailored insurance products