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Amadeus Cars Plus eRetail HTML

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Maximise your revenue with car rental
Amadeus Cars Plus eRetail HTML is a quick, easy and cost-effective ancillary option for existing Amadeus eRetail customers. It delivers all the rich content and functionality of a sophisticated car booking application.
You can add cars to differentiate your business and offer your customers more, while also tapping into additional revenue opportunities. With 40 different customisation parameters you can create a car booking solution with a look and feel that matches your specific requirements - all with a very quick time to market.
Advanced, yet intuitive, technology
Amadeus Cars Plus eRetail HTML is based on advanced, innovative technology that is easy to use and fully integrated with your existing online solution. You will be able to offer multiple providers, select few or just a single car rental provider, depending on your needs and existing agreements in place with your preferred car rental partners.
Supporting 23 languages you will be able to sell from multiple markets. With rich multimedia and a highly intuitive user interface you will be able to provide a range of useful information: Vehicle images, vehicle features plus icons for air conditioning, manual/automatic transmission, luggage and seating capacity, green car indicator etc.
Car bookings are quick, easy and secure for your customers - and cost-efficient for you. End-to-end automated booking flows and full PNR integration result in profitable cross sell opportunites and increased back office efficiency for optimal revenue maximisation.
Key benefits
With Amadeus Cars Plus eRetail HTML, you can:
  • Differentiate your business;
  • Offer better customer service;
  • Maximise revenue opportunities.
Main features
  • Quick time to market
  • Customisation to suit your business
  • Rich content functionality
  • User-friendly for excellent customer service
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    We offer a comprehensive choice of car booking applications, which range from plug & play solutions for quick and easy set-up, a more tailored option or we can empower you with our rich content and functionality to build your own unique solution that matches your exact requirements.

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