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Content - Travel agencies

Differentiate yourself & provide great customer service by enhancing the customer experience. In order to do so, you need to have the widest and most accurate content choice to offer to your customers. To help you in this challenging task, Amadeus gives you access to a vast and diverse world of global, regional and local travel content covering both business and leisure travel needs with the detailed information about the content that is being booked.

Products and Solutions

  • Integrated Partners

    Integrated Partners provides additional integrated content that complements Amadeus's own offer and suits your own specific market conditions

  • Regional and global hotel aggregators

    We provide hotel content from multiple sources to all travel agencies – whether you are leisure or business agency, you can use the new solution to access content instantaneously, compare results from different sources for the same hotel on a single page and configure the system to match your specific business model.

  • Fare Families
    Fare Families

    Take your customer service to the next level by accessing and booking fare families on Amadeus, now integrated as part of the standardised booking flow.

  • Ancillary services

    Find out how integrating airlines' ancillary services as part of the offer to your clients will allow you to maintain customer satisfaction, increase your efficiency whilst staying competitive.

  • Amadeus Leisure Cars
    Amadeus Leisure Cars

    Gain more commission from car rental sales with Amadeus Leisure Cars. Pre-paid reservations from local, regional and global car rental companies.

  • Amadeus Cars for Travel Agencies
    Amadeus Cars

    Providing extensive content, Amadeus Cars represents an easy way for travel agents who want to offer their customers more and increase their bottom line.

  • Amadeus Hotels Plus

    Make more money with hotels

  • Air Content

    All GDS air content is not the same. Booking air content with Amadeus provides your agency with powerful tools and functionalities that can help differentiate your service where it really matters: your long-term customer business relationships.

  • Book rail your way
    Amadeus Rail Content

    Book rail your way

  • Leading hotel chains and representation companies

    With our broad and deep global hotel content, you and your customers have all you need, all in one place. You can see unrivalled, up-to-date content and book rooms quickly and efficiently. Everything is fully automated and integrated for mid-and back-office.

  • Amadeus Cruise

    Amadeus Cruise gives your sales consultants the ability to sell high-margin products simply and quickly.

  • Amadeus Cruise Web Services

    Build your own cruise application with our development package.

  • Amadeus Cruise Data Cache

    Amadeus Cruise Data Cache is a new and unique solution designed for cruise application developers (B2B and B2C) and cruise sellers.

  • Hotel Content
    Hotel Content

    Amadeus has one of the world’s largest hotel inventories and connects more than 300 of the world’s leading hotel providers with our global community of travel agencies, giving its booking customers access to offers on over 1 million hotel shopping options and 326,000+ unique properties via custom-built reservation applications which are speedy, efficient and tailored to the way you operate. *Figures as of Q2, 2015

  • Low-cost Carriers (LCCs)

    Amadeus is the number one travel content aggregator and gives you access to the low cost carriers you need for your customers.Booking a low cost carrier in Amadeus is just as easy and profitable as booking a traditional airline.

  • Amadeus Insurance

    Travel insurance booking with only a few key strokes. Additional revenue and optimized service offering with Amadeus Insurance.

  • Amadeus Transfers
    Amadeus Transfers

    Smart technology and attractive prices have turned private transfers into a mass market good available nearly everywhere. It’s all benefits! For travellers, rides are pre-arranged and bookable in a few clicks. And for travel sellers, private transfer services provide a new source of revenue.