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Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform

Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform

With the Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform, fare filing staff working for travel agencies, airlines, consolidators and servicing companies can:
  1. File or update different types of private (non public) fares using one of the three main FareXpert Filing Platform modules:
  • Negotiated Fares module for creating and updating your net deals: In this module you can specify all your fare conditions (e.g corporate, routing, ticketing, comission, sales conditions) and the fare amount (net/selling/ticketed). The rule-based structure also allows you to group the applicability conditions shared by several net fares into a single rule.
  • Dynamic Discounted Fares module for percent-off deals: Ideal for corporate fares and campaigns. In this module you can reference IATA fares, public fares or private fares as your base fare and specify a discount for this fare as a percentage, an amount or a flat amount. You can also override certain base fare restrictions and define the distribution network of the resulting fare.
    Location Aggregates: to manage geography groupings
  1. Mark-up & Distribution module for adding your mark-up to net deals: You can reference net contracts filed via ATPCo Cat35, FareXpert Negotiated Fares or the XML Fare Data Interface solution and add your mark-up to those fares that are authorized to be marked up by you. You can apply further restrictions to suit your requirements regarding geography, corporate, fare class and define the distribution network of the resulting fare.Facilitate your filing in the FareXpert filing modules, XML Fare Data Interface or ATPCo non-public fares thanks to: Vendor Aggregates: to manage distribution lists
Key benefits
The Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform and XML Fare Data Interface solutions are already used by many travel agencies and servicing companies, including: American Express, BCD Travel, Carlson Wagonlit, Club Med, eDreams, Expedia, Opodo and TUI
Main features
Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform is an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface. It offers a consistent approach for filing all types of private fares. Also, if your company is using services or solutions offered by industry fare providers such as ATPCo or SITA, Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform can facilitate your filing activities. 

Fastest time-to-market
Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform enables real-time access to the Amadeus database, so that your updates apply immediately and are available to the targeted points-of-sale for pricing and ticketing. 
Guaranteeing confidentiality of your data thanks to a strong security set up based on a digital certificate and strict vendor security for selling offices based on generic or complete office IDs, vendor aggregates and IATA numbers. 

Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform is a web-based portal, upgrades to new software versions take place automatically at login time.

Limit coding errors
Thanks to cross-controls and the possibility to use pre-coded data in vendor and location aggregates.