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Shopping & search

Shopping & search for tour operators

Inspire demand but not at any price!
Research shows that savvy consumers shop around for travel inspiration, but some shops are more attractive than others. Inspiring and engaging travellers by offering them a unique search experience as well as exciting travel ideas improves traffic acquisition and stickiness. 
With Amadeus you can:
  • Create inspirational web-pages, maps, calendar views using high availability flight data, personalisation criteria and ultra-fast search Amadeus capabilities
Looking is not booking: don’t let your customers walk away
Turning lookers into bookers takes the right mix of effective and relevant travel offers. By getting it right, you will increase revenue and ensure your customers come back for more.
Our solutions can help you boost conversion and sales by empowering your agents or travellers and giving them access to the searches they want. Our merchandising portfolio optimises how your products are displayed while our bundled selling tools will up your chances to convert sell and increase the sales value.
With Amadeus you can:
  • Empower your agents and customers with our search and shopping portfolio
  • Maximise your revenues with our merchandising portfolio
  • Match instantly travellers’ expectations with powerful personalisation tools

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Master Pricer

    Amadeus Master Pricer is the most comprehensive low-fare search and merchandising portfolio in the global online travel market, providing customers with the cheapest bookable fares, and the most convenient itineraries, over a wide choice of airlines.