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Sell to travellers

Sell to travellers- Tour operators

Front-office solutions or professional web services that enable you to enhance the user experience and ultimately sell better. 
With Amadeus you can:
  • Use a browser-based retailing application to sell Amadeus air and non-air travel content
  • Integrate travel-related content and functionalities into your web-based or mobile applications
  • Use best in class holiday package distribution systems without the hassle of normalising, comparing or booking different types of content across separate supplier sources

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

    Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is the next-generation booking and fulfilment platform for Tour Operators that’s designed to free you from technology constraints so you can put your passion to work.

  • Amadeus IBE by Traveltainment

    Our Internet Booking Engine offers you everything you need for successful online distribution. Amadeus IBE by Traveltainment searches suitable travel offers for your travel portal customers comfortably and fast and automatically suggests alternatives.

  • Amadeus Web Services

    Build and update customised travel booking applications with Amadeus Web Services.