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Amadeus Payment Hub


With complex regulations, multi-payment methods, various maintenance, payment and integration costs, fraud, local specificity to name but a few, payment can be complex to handle on a global scale and is evolving rapidly with new regulations. Providers are also many and evolving rapidly too.  
From authorisation, authentication, capture, clearing and settlement, payment is not a one-step process: it is a complex landscape. To help you remove friction, Amadeus Payment Hub provides payment solutions, manages the payment complexity on behalf of the merchant and helps travel retailers like you optimise your cash flow.
A single point of entry
Tour Operators can access payment industry through a single point of entry, eliminating the complexity to manage multiple links. We provide payment solutions that are fully integrated with our front, mid and back office systems.
Amadeus Payment Hub is more than just a link to payment providers.
Key benefits
  • Global Reach: Accepts payments in 192 countries! Opens up new markets or channels and accepts new methods of payment quickly and easily
  • Regulatory Compliancy: Up-to-date with latest local regulations in payment and travel
  • Remove complexity: With a single link, our customers and partners reduce payment, IT and maintenance costs
  • Focus on your core business: Reduce resources invested in managing your payment and focus on your core business operations
  • Monitoring and Support: 24x7x365 monitoring and incident management Statistics/Reporting capable of triggering alarms, export data, execute reversal and refunds
  • Business Intelligence: Optimises transactional cost and proposes the best payment method
  • Omni-Channel: Available for all Amadeus Front end applications (offline and online)
  • Multi-Channel: Covers travel specific flows depending on the merchant of the transaction (Airline, Tour Operator) and sales channel (Direct or Distribution)
For more information, please contact your IT Account Manager or sales representative.
Main features