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Amadeus Agency Insight Booking Analysis


A clear view of the opportunities ahead
Every day, over 9 million bookings are made via the world’s main GDSs.  Booking Analysis makes sense of this immense amount of data, giving you a clear view of booking trends in the market and of how well you and your competitors are responding to them.

Booking Analysis views the market by origin and destination (O&D) and by airline, providing a clear side-by-side benchmark of the corresponding performance of both your Tour Operator business and your competitors.
Key benefits
  • Identify growing routes on which to focus marketing and sales resources
  • Optimise your SEO marketing, promoting the right offer at the right time
  • Better understand the relevance of your business to your partner airlines
  • Identify new airline partners for new revenue streams
  • Better assess the possibility for expansion into new markets
Main features
Booking Analysis is available in three versions:
  1. Light – provides a view of the evolution of booking trends in the market
  2. Standard – benchmarks the performance of your business versus the market
  3. Premium – compares your business' own booked passenger figures with those of both the market and your competitors
Figures are based on net booked passenger figures, processed at true O&D level in order to accurately reflect market demand.  

Booking Analysis is a module from the Amadeus Agency Insight suite of next-generation business intelligence tools for Tour Operators.  It is available via both the Amadeus Agency Insight online portal and Web Services.