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Amadeus Integrated Partners


Tour Operators and travellers need access to content not available through Amadeus, such as taxis, airport shuttle services, parking etc.
Integrated Partners complements the Amadeus offer by making relevant global and local content directly available via Amadeus front-offices. With Integrated Partners you can seamlessly access and book a range of fully optimised, relevant and integrated content from trusted partners, ensuring that you obtain the best results for your business.

Proof points:

  • Optimised workflows and cost savings from a fully automated process, real time availability and seamless PNR and mid/back-office integration
  • Improved visibility of traveller bookings and post-booking requests
  • Improved management of provider costs
Key benefits
  • Value-added relevant content: from a complementary range of preferred providers directly through the Amadeus front-office of your choice
  • Seamless Integration in the agency workflow: a standardised process and fully integrated functionality for minimal impact on your procedures
Main features

Fast, easy access to complementary local and global content