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Amadeus Ancillary Services


Ancillary services have taken off.
The volume of Ancillary Services has tripled over the past couple of years largely driven by consumer who want more transparency in understanding the products they are purchasing. The unbundling approach is proving successful with rapidly growing attachment rates. Make sure you don’t lose out on any sales opportunities and offer full service to your leisure travellers.
Compete and differentiate
Travellers who turn to airlines’ website to purchase their ancillaries could convert to booking everything direct, including their air, hotel and car rental, leading to a loss in customers and revenue opportunities for your business.  You can now offer content parity with airlines.com (especially with unbundled fares) websites so you don’t miss out on upsell opportunities and differentiate by providing comparative shopping options on multiple airlines.
Enhance your value by going the extra mile
Providing ancillary services through Amadeus is an opportunity for you to enhance your value by widening your offer and keeping your online shoppers on your site. And good customer service, in most cases, results in customer loyalty and retention. Competing on service is easier than competing on price.
100% Integrated – Be efficient
Our goal is to ensure that you can source reliable ancillary services content in a standardised process and book these efficiently through one system and one booking flow.
  • By being the first GDS to offer a dynamic ancillary services catalogue (available in Web Services) integrated into the search or booking flow, we’ve made booking ancillaries through Amadeus both quick and efficient
  • Search and booking is fully integrated in the standard flow:
    • Ancillary Services are available in Master Pricer results along with the flight information
    • Purchase of Ancillary Services is contextual to flight booking (and frequent flyer status)
    • Ancillary Services can also be purchased in the post-booking phase
    • Reporting to mid- and back-office through PNR and AIR is available
Key benefits
  • Enhance your customer service by offering content parity with the airlines' own offer and give your customers more choice
  • Keep  your leisure travellers on your website by offering greater value and open potential new revenue opportunities
  • Offer complete visibility for each fare throughout the booking process, in terms of pricing and optional services offering included via a dynamic catalogue
  • Take advantage of quick and efficient processes with a fully enhanced integration within the booking flow, mid- and back-office

Main features
  • Packaged offers including specific high-value ancillaries (i.e. ski weekend including hotel, flight and special baggage fee for skis or sports equipment transportation)
  • Purchase is contextual to flight booking and frequent flyer status
  • Sale of ancillaries also in the post-booking phase and reporting to mid and back office through PNR and AIR
  • Automatic fulfilment via EMDs
  • Adding of mark-ups on ancillary sales at your discretion