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Content for tour operators

In order to be competitive, as a Tour Operator, you need to secure various content that allows you to differentiate and create unique packages for your customers. With the best content you can boost your sales, increase conversion, foster loyalty and reduce costs.

Amadeus gives you access to a vast and diverse world of global, regional, local and low-cost airlines covering all of your travellers’ needs. Booking air content with Amadeus gives your business powerful tools and functionalities to differentiate your service where it really matters: enhancing customer experience and developing long-term relationships. Moreover Amadeus aggregates leisure content for you such as accommodation, destination services, car rentals and cruises, that can create or complement your holiday product offering.
With Amadeus you can:
  • Source the right air and non-air content
  • Offer a full set of additional air services to your clients: ancillaries services and fare families
  • Influence customer purchasing decisions with travel reviews and rankings

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Integrated Partners

    Amadeus Integrated Partners provides additional integrated content that complements Amadeus' own offer and suits your own specific market conditions.

  • Hotel Content
    Hotel Content

    Access one of the world’s largest hotel inventories with Amadeus Hotel Content – in excess of 300 of the world’s leading Hotel Providers, over 2500 Independent Hotels and many Aggregators to boost your business’ revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Amadeus Pyton Flight Portal

    Sell flight tickets of all of the world’s most important Low-Cost Carriers and bring these carriers onto your website or into your reservation system via one single interface.

  • Amadeus Air

    Access flight schedules, ancillary services and bundled fares of more than 790 global airlines and over 70 LCCs, providing travelers with the most up-to-date and accurate flight information.

  • Amadeus Cruise

    Amadeus Cruise gives your sales consultants the ability to sell high-margin products simply and quickly.

  • Amadeus Cars for Tour Operators
    Amadeus Cars

    The best of Amadeus car rental technology for Tour Operators who want to offer their customers more and benefit from additional revenue streams.

  • Amadeus Insurance

    Enhanced service offering and additional revenue streams from travel insurance.

  • Trusted Reviews by Amadeus

    Access a myriad of authentic reviews from other travellers with Trusted Reviews by Amadeus.

  • Amadeus Rail Content

    Rail is the natural choice on many routes now and an essential part of multimodal journeys. Give your customers unrivalled choice with Amadeus rail content and connect to over 90 railways around the globe - book rail your way.

  • Amadeus Transfers

    Add chauffeur driven transfers to your offering and provide your customers with peace of mind, knowing that every step of their journey is taken care of.

  • Amadeus Ancillary Services

    Get content parity with the direct and indirect channels for the airline's ancillary services, improving customer service and traveller loyalty by reinforcing the role of travel consultants.

  • Amadeus Low-Cost Carriers

    Amadeus gives you access to the low-cost carriers you need and booking them is just as easy and profitable as booking a traditional airline.