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Amadeus Fare Preferences


Amadeus Fare Preferences allows AFP administrators to accurately and efficiently analyse fare inventory and target fares, using fare preferences across multiple POS.
Non-preferred fares are automatically and transparently removed by the pricing engine from shopping, pricing, ATC and fare display.
Main features
  • Dedicated administration UI and easy-to-maintain rules: the administrator can create, modify, copy, paste, re-order, group several sets of fare exclusion rules
  • Channel agnostic: rules can apply either offline or online
  • Instantaneous: rule activation or deactivation is effective immediately
  • Automated: the fare exclusion process is automatically done by the Amadeus pricing engine
  • Non-disruptive: fare exclusion is transparent to the travel counsellor
  • Easy activation
  • Multi-criteria for exclusion
  • Across all products