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Amadeus Dynamic Packaging


Holidays are full of emotion and are very much a personal experience. In the highly competitive travel world, standing out is crucial if you are to differentiate from other suppliers.
Today’s travellers demand not just personalised offers, instant search results and consumer reviews to help them make a buying decision, but travel offers need, most of all, to be relevant and in the right context.
Key benefits
  • Don’t miss out on new customer segments you’re not currently addressing and who represent excellent revenue and higher margin potential
  • Differentiate with on-the-fly packaging technology, combining hotel and flight content 
  • Better address the needs of your online shoppers who are looking for different types of breaks during the year and personalise their offer instantly
  • Ensure you get involved in the emotional part of the shopping and booking journey to foster customer stickiness and loyalty
  • Create inspirational landing pages, promotional campaigns and provide instant results as well as fine-tuning capabilities thanks to open search capabilities
Main features
  • Best flight content and non-air content bundle offers that are truly customisable, flexible and generate higher margins thanks to opaque pricing
  • The latest search technology based on relevant attributes (such as most popular, fastest, cheapest or sponsored) for a smarter and more relevant experience 
  • Cache-based dynamic packaging system which offers extremely fast search - end customers can see the results list within milliseconds
  • Powerful Yield Management through mark-up and mark-down option 
  • Without the upfront costs and financial risks of locking your money into stocks/inventories
  • Dynamic packaging is available on all devices, cross-channel