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Content management

Content management for tour operators

Amadeus offers complementary solutions and innovative tools to manage your own content as well as create unique and inspirational dynamic packages.
With Amadeus you can:
  • Manage your own private air and hotel content with content management tools
  • Differentiate your supply and enforce supplier management with content steering tools
  • Create a unique position with holiday offers packaged on demand

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform

    The Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform is a set of applications that enable real-time filing of any type of private fares directly into the Amadeus Pricing & Shopping Fare Database.

  • Amadeus Negotiated Space

    Amadeus Negotiated Space provides automated, flexible and customisable block space management tool materialising airlines and wholesalers buisness relationships.

  • Amadeus Air Preferences

    For the first time, Tour Operators can drive the selection and sequencing of air travel solutions using their own business rules, rather than simply filtering the regulation neutral air response.

  • Amadeus Inventory Mask

    Amadeus Inventory Mask makes it easy for Tour Operators to customise flight classes and posting levels. The customisation helps to sell the tour operator’s content differently depending on the point of sale and the origin and destination of the travel.

  • Amadeus Dynamic Packaging

    A B2C and B2B solution which provides content from Tour Operators, external bed banks, air connections, "Fuzzy logic" based in Cache technology (available in certain markets).

  • Amadeus Hotel CRS

    Amadeus Central Reservations System is a next-generation, cloud-based solution that optimises customer engagement, distribution and brand experience.

  • Amadeus Fare Preferences

    Amadeus Fare Preferences allows AFP administrators to accurately and efficiently analyse fare inventory and target fares, using fare preferences across multiple POS.

  • Amadeus Pyton Leisure Portal

    Amadeus Pyton Leisure Portal gives travel companies the ability to sell holiday trips in a completely customised way – sell Tour Operator packages using a wide range of booking modules.