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Shortcut to rail profitability

Shortcut to rail profitability

High fixed cost such as infrastructure charges and rolling stock maintenance and legacy IT systems with high upkeep and development costs do not allow rail operators to adapt as quickly as the commercial environment demands. Also, it makes it hard to focus on innovation and raises the following questions:

  • how can they organise their data and identify passenger needs?
  • how to sell more effectively and reduce inefficiency?
  • how to increase their profitability?

Yet, how to modernise in a straitened economic environment?

The answer lies as much in limiting the impact on capital expenditure as in looking into the technology options available.

Partnerships: a shortcut to innovation and profitability

Partnerships bring the necessary skills to anticipate new shifts in customer behaviour and continuously fine-tune the customer experience. Collaborating with specialised IT companies secures scalability, raises productivity and flexibility, cuts costs, and allows rail operators to focus on their core business: running rail services