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Web Services

Web Services for Railways

Making your train services available through Amadeus Web Services will help you extend your online presence and reach new customers.
Web Services is a toolkit that enables online travel agencies to build their own rail booking interface. It makes your train services a more visible choice for the prospective traveller, helping you to compete more effectively with other transport modes and to increase your bookings in existing and new markets.
You retain full control over the train services, fares and inventory that you wish to make available.
Key benefits
  • Save on costs: one single connection to multiple sales channels across domestic markets and international points of sale
  • Increase sales: extend indirect distribution through a wider choice of channels
  • Extend online distribution
  • Increase visibility of rail vis-a-vis other transport modes
Main features
  • Real-time shopping and booking capabilities: travel sellers and railway sales staff access your content in real-time
  • One single connection to access multi-railway services
  • Customisable content using XML messaging
  • Passenger Name Record (PNR) integration: the rail segment becomes part of the traveller's total trip

Watch the video and find out how you can expand your online presence and reach new customers