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Fares Pricing Module

Amadeus Rail Fares & Pricing Module

The Challenge
Getting the price right and ensuring you have factored in all types of passenger discounts, travel restrictions and seasonality factors in your fare quote, is difficult to manage efficiently without a dedicated rail pricing application.
The Solution: Amadeus Rail Fares & Pricing Module
Amadeus Fares & Pricing Module is a dedicated pricing application capable of managing multiple fares and associated pricing rules. With dynamic updates, operational staff can respond to market changes instantly, adjusting fares and rules to achieve the best competitive advantage.
Key benefits
  • Increase revenues: target customer booking habits & adapt to market conditions
  • Fast time to market: quickly target any marketing campaign
  • Competitive edge: market responsiveness
  • Improved operational costs and yield management: control prices easily without system changes
Main features
  • Creation of basic fares for any journey - four types: market, distance, zone and event
  • Sophisticated pricing rules: seasonality, carrier, passenger type, advance purchase, day of week, time of day, discount code, class, passenger type, one way/round trip etc.
  • Test without affecting current live or historical instances
  • Fares and rules updated and applied in real-time
  • Easy interface to other ticketing system

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