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Air-Rail Display


Amadeus Air-Rail Display makes it just as simple for you to sell international train services as it is to sell air travel. Rail content is fully integrated into the air display on the Amadeus Selling Platform, meaning you can quickly and easily compare rail and air journey times and check availability on popular routes, all in a single cryptic display.
Rail is available for specific routes and can be booked in combination with airlines or hotels, enabling you to offer your customers a genuine choice of travel options to suit their particular requirements
From searching to booking, payment, ticketing, after-sales and invoicing rail travel, the process is the just the same as it is for air travel.
Key benefits
One single point of entry for multi-modal travel: rail is available together with air, hotels, cars etc
Air-Rail Display
Easy to compare journey times and check availability on the most popular air-rail routes.
Full integration into Amadeus PNR
Mid and Back Office solutions and Amadeus products for all available railways
Simplified and standardised end-to-end flow
Common to rail and air
Main features
Instant air/Rail comparison
  • Air and Rail services are shown on the Amadeus Airline display providing one Single access point to Multi-provider and Multi-content 
Streamlined process from booking to after sales
  • Increase and diversify your revenues by selling Rail services, as quickly and easily as any airline.
  • Improve your efficiency with the seamless integration in Amadeus PNR and Mid-Back Office solutions. 
Customer service and Traveler Experience
  • Offer a wider choice by proposing rail as a true alternative to Air travel.
  • Secure traveler reservation by performing a booking in real time.
  • Enhance traveler experience, rail journey details printed on the itinerary document and available in CheckMyTrip.