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To travel sellers

Increase train ticket sales by connecting to our network of travel agencies, whether online or offline. Rail Display is our dedicated rail graphical user interface while Air-Rail Display allows you to display your train services alongside flights on the most popular air/rail routes - both are available to travel sellers worldwide via Amadeus Selling Platform. Rail Web Services will enable you to expand your online presence and reach new customers.

Products and Solutions

  • Rail Display

    Amadeus Rail Display makes the rail booking process easier, faster, and more efficient and the cost of booking rail lower, yet with a service to the customer as good as for air. Fully integrated into travel agencies' tools and processes (Amadeus profiles, PNR, mid/back office feeds …), with a user-friendly graphical interface, Amadeus Rail Display offers a standard end-to-end flow, making it really efficient to book tickets for multiple railways.

  • Web Services for Travel Sellers

    Sell multiple railways online with a single web service connection

  • Air-Rail Display

    Amadeus Air-Rail Display enables travel sellers to sell train services as easily as air travel. With the unique Amadeus integrated Air-Rail display, it's easy to compare journey times and check availability on the most popular air/rail routes.