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Amadeus Selling Platform Connect


Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is the next-generation booking and fulfilment platform for travel agencies that’s designed to free you from technology constraints so you can put your passion to work.
This new platform has been built with our customers, for our customers, following thousands of hours of in-depth user research, so it behaves in exactly the same way that travel professionals think.
Key benefits
Stay connected to your customers – 100% of the time
In this fast-moving industry, being able to work on the go is key. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect allows you to work anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

Benefit from great content – 68% average time saving just by booking ancillary services alone*
It’s the individual choice of ingredients that creates truly personalised travel packages for your customers. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect combines great content with relevance and efficiency, allowing you to sell more, service better and grow your earnings.

Customise your own platform – 54% average time saving when integrating external content*
No two travel agencies are the same. That’s why Amadeus Selling Platform Connect has been designed so you can adapt it to your precise requirements. It’s a platform that’s as individual as your own travel business.

Boost your productivity – 49% average time saving when you do complex and repetitive tasks*
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect was created with a spirit of innovation in mind. Its advanced features reduce administrative tasks and boost your productivity. The result? You get to spend more time on what you do best: creating amazing travel experiences for your customers.

*Average time savings based on Amadeus value calculations. If you wish to know the total time savings for your business, contact us.
Main features
Fully cloud-based
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is the travel industry’s only fully cloud-based booking and fulfilment platform. All you need is an Internet connection plus your user credentials and you are ready to go. And with no software installations or manual upgrades required, you’ll be saving time right from the start.

Operating System and browser agnostic
With Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, you are free to choose the hardware that suits you. It is also accessible on all main operating systems and fully certified to work with all the latest versions of the main Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

World’s leading air content offer
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect gives you access to the largest choice of full-service carriers as well as low-cost carriers from all over the world, all integrated seamlessly for the simplest workflows and retailing experience.
A true retailing platform
Offer your customers so much more than air travel alone. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect allows you to also book extensive hotel content, rail journeys and hire cars, as well as local services such as activities and transfers. The new platform also allows you to integrate content from your own partners and suppliers into the same workflows. And you can even easily book a wide and continuously growing range of merchandising content from airlines globally through Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Ancillary services can easily be added on via the seats and services catalogue, and there’s efficient upselling with fare families.
Advanced Smart Script technology
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect has technological flexibility so you can work with us or any third-party developer to add whichever content or tool you need. You can even integrate the third-party content you want, directly into your booking flow, with automatic PNR synchronisation.
In-built technological flexibility for a customised platform All agents working with the same version doesn’t mean they all need to have the same set of functionality – if there are features or functionalities that you don’t think they’ll need, you can simply turn them off. With in-built technological flexibility, you are free to devise your own strategy that will set you apart from your competitors.
Easy, intuitive interface
The simple-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) adapts to your way of working. So, expert cryptic users will be relieved to keep on working in their preferred cryptic environment. They also have an alternative easy solution to
perform complex or infrequent tasks by switching to graphic-only, as when they want. On the other hand, newcomers will be able to get started quickly with minimal training, by going straight to graphic from day 1.
Powerful Productivity Suite modules/components
Amadeus Selling Platform Connect delivers a range of time-saving features as part of the Productivity Suite – such as Smart Flows, File Finishing, Smart Triggers and Quality Monitor– designed to improve both your performance and your productivity, saving you time and money.

For more information on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, please download our brochure or view the demo.

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Put your passion to work today.

The new Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, while you dedicate your time to creating exceptional travel offers for your customers.