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Amadeus Master Pricer

Amadeus Master Pricer

Amadeus Master Pricer is the most comprehensive low-fare search and merchandising portfolio in the global online travel market. Capable of returning 250 possible recommendations in a single transaction, it provides customers with the cheapest bookable fares and the most convenient itineraries, over a wide choice of airlines.
Amadeus Master Pricer powers the most prominent online travel agencies and is comprised of four solutions designed to match the differing needs of customer fare search demands.
Amadeus Master Pricer gives website visitors more choice and an easy-to-use tool that helps their decision making process. In return it increases agency revenues, enhances productivity and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Amadeus Master Pricer TravelBoard is a powerful low fare search solution designed for the cost-conscious traveller seeking the lowest fares. Travellers can search for domestic and international flights based on a wide array of criteria including price and time of departure/arrival.
  • Amadeus Master Pricer Calendar is designed to expertly address the needs of travellers who are flexible with their travel dates. It was the first globally available multi-carrier calendar display in the market and returns the best fares via a 7x7 calendar matrix.
  • Amadeus Master Pricer Special Offer improves the efficiency of marketing campaigns by leading travellers to the most attractive and profitable content.
  • Amadeus Master Pricer Agent Fare Families is a service-driven search tool providing maximum up-selling opportunities and giving travellers a customised shopping experience.
Key benefits
Unbeatable content
The absolute cheapest recommendation for travellers who are focused on the lowest price and over a wide choice of airlines.

Flexible and scalable
Fully customised to your needs and completely integrated into your existing web platform thanks to its scalable open systems architecture.

Sophisticated search tools
Enabling customers to narrow or broaden the search process by airline, schedule, price range, class, connections etc.

Intelligent web technology and optimum reliability
State-of-the art low fare search technology ensuring maximum reliability and real-time, accurate fares

The most convenient solutions
The most convenient itinerary recommendations for the travellers who are not purely driven by price

The cheapest and most reliable fares

Amadeus Master Travelboard provides the cheapest and most reliable fares in - proven already in Europe by an independent source (SMG-Sita).

Unique features
Amadeus is the only GDS offering a low fare search solution with Agent Fare Families possibility
Main features
Improved look to book ratio
Impressive range of search parameters to personalise results: Increased ability to differentiate by creating a unique look for your website
Multiply your customer base
Fare and price management tools: Amadeus Master Pricer supports both public and negotiated fares including zone fares, net fares etc. It also enables you to offer targeted pricing solutions for each market segment, channel and customer.
Maximum reliability and real-time, accurate fares
Intelligent technology & advanced algorithms: Powered by the Amadeus Availability Server and Pricing engine, capable of finding the lowest and most accurate fares over a diverse range of airlines. It can be accessed through Amadeus API and Amadeus Web Services.
Improved productivity and costs
Efficient and user friendly: Fewer calls are needed to call centres. Fewer transactions are needed to make a booking and reductions are gained in operation, maintenance and development costs
Improve your customers' shopping experience
Effortless search and flight comparison for your customers - in a matter of seconds they will be able to find the option they are looking for

Transform the traveller experience