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Alternative online payment: it doesn’t need to be complicated.
The rise in electronic payments –growing 50% in the travel industry from 2013-2015 – shows that consumers are embracing different ways to pay for goods and services online; retailers and providers can no longer just offer credit and debit cards as a means of payment.
It is estimated that alternative payments will account for 59% of all online transactions in 2017, up from 43% in 2012.
As the payment market is quite complex and fragmented – with more than 300 alternative payment schemes in operation around the world – it’s always easy to identify which ones are best to offer, depending on where travellers are located, what services they are being sold and in which markets.
Getting the right strategy is essential to maximise acceptance and expand global reach.
Although online payments are a must in today’s world, there are some challenges.  Reducing the impact of fraud to acceptable levels is key and is at the forefront of everyone’s mind (revenue loss can reach up to 2% of gross sales - a significant portion*). Other challenges include: optimising financial fees and operational costs; growing internationally which is complex and expensive due to multiple platforms; increasing sales conversion through offering alternative methods of payment and increasing card acceptance rates; offering multi-channel consistency accessible through different points of sale with uncompromised levels of security; travel industry-specific standards with integration into the travel selling flow and changing payment regulations (SEPA), to name but a few.
One link to a world of payments.
At Amadeus, we’re working to integrate both the travel and payment worlds to make payment in the industry easier. The Amadeus Payment Platform is a unified platform that can be accessed from any point of sale (online, face-to-face and call-centre sales channels) and reaches various payment providers all from one single connection. It also complies with the high security standards (PCI DSS) payment needed and is tailored to address your own specific challenges.
Key benefits
  • Boost your sales by increasing the percentage of payment transactions you accept (acceptance ratio)
  • Enter new markets easily because Amadeus Worldwide Payment Acceptance is already connected to all major local and international payment options 
  • Access close to 300 acquiring banks and methods of payment around the world and cut down the cost of integrating and maintaining your payment links 
  • Reduce your sales costs with the possibility to switch easily between different acquiring banks
  • Minimise the cost of tracking payment transactions by using a single management tool which gives access to all transactions worldwide, independent of the acquiring bank or the link used
Main features
  • Obtain instant payment authorisation for Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, American Express, Union Pay and UATP credit cards
  • Get quick and easy reversal and payment refunds, meaning that your customers are never left out of pocket
  • Use our fall-back functionality: If a payment transaction fails, Amadeus will re-direct the transaction to the same acquirer using a different link
  • Make a significant cost saving and route each payment to the most appropriate acquiring bank, according to criteria such as merchant ID, vendor, market, country, and currency
  • Process authentication checks and verify that the purchaser is the card owner and is in possession of the payment card at the time of purchase