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Amadeus Fare Families


In a constantly changing environment and with more and more airlines starting to diversify their offer, it’s not always easy for you online shoppers to find the best flight. Consumers, now more than ever, want to be informed and be 100% clear on what they are purchasing. Through transparency and telling your customers exactly what’s included in the fare, your online shoppers can convert by making a more informed decision.
Differentiate and add value to your offer by offering enriched content to your online shoppers
Let’s get the details clear 
Fare families are bundles of fares that share the same conditions, for example, refundable or exchangeable, and include the same services and options, like luggage, meals or mileage accrual. 
With fare families, your online shoppers can easily compare prices and see the services included, just like they would on the airline direct channel. This means that you can now see: the fare family name and description, information on the services included in the fare, mileage accrual and the services that can be added at a charge or are not offered.
Simplicity and consistency for increased customer satisfaction
Thanks to fare families you can offer simplicity and consistency to your customers. By being transparent and telling your customers exactly what’s included in the fare, you can build stronger customer relationships that are based on trust and loyalty. 
Clarity and transparency 
With more travel options, you can effectively offer your online shoppers and leisure travellers more relevant content plus bring transparency and clarity to purchases. This will also help build on loyalty and help maintain a competitive edge.
Our fare family offer
Our fare family offer consists of two modules that perfectly map the state of the art shopping and booking flow:
  • Our display module shows the fare family branded name and description at pricing time as well as the services included - at a charge or not included, the main fare conditions (whether these are refundable or exchangeable) as well as mileage accrual. Your site will be perceived by online shoppers as the ideal one-stop-shop where they can find all content from airlines and easily compare
  • Our upsell module is a natural fit for your flight details page, providing automatic upgrade recommendations in the next available fare family at pricing time.  So, when summarising flight information to your customer right before the final booking click, the upsell web services are able to match the selected fare to a fare family, if it exists, and propose a teaser for up selling to the next level fare family. The upsell module is completed by an upgrade functionality to directly re-price and re-book the itinerary. So you can surprise your customers by offering higher comfort and services at a price often lower than they would expect
Differentiating your brand and offer as well as meeting the needs of your online shoppers can only enhance your business, offer a positive experience and add value.
Key benefits
  • Greater visibility and transparency on air fares, including the main conditions and services thus allowing travellers to make a more informed choice, right down to the last bag
  • Increased transparency on what’s included in the fare type, in terms of services, conditions and mileage accrual
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with the ability to personalise and customise each air booking based on specific needs and recommendations for the best-suited upgrades
  • Gaining a stronger competitive edge and easy access to all bundled fare that are integrated within a standard booking flow
Main features
  • Complete visibility on airlines fare families, including the fare family name, as well as the services and main conditions associated to each fare
  • Increased efficiency thanks to the seamless integration into all booking flows: cryptic command page, graphic interface in the Selling Platform Connect and Amadeus Web Services. 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with the ability to personalise and customise each air booking based on specific traveller needs
  • Ability to target the right fare to the right customer, by pricing by fare family and later upgrade recommendations