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Hotel Content

Hotel Content

Amadeus has partnered with a wide range of hotel providers making properties available through Amadeus selling platforms and Web-Services. We have combined three unique sources to ensure you can find the perfect hotel for your clients, every time, whilst earning important revenues for your business:
>Hotel chains & representative companies: around 300 hotel chains, with predominantly 3 and 4 star properties covering the world’s major cities, countryside locations, coastal areas, as well as more remote locations
>Independent Hotels: 2500+ properties in smaller chains and independent hotels. If you work with a hotel which is not available on the GDS, we will do our best to recruit it to Amadeus LinkHotel
>Aggregators: access content from a number of regional and global aggregators —GTA, AlbaTravel, HRS, BedsOnline, SunHotels, among others— through a single and standardized platform
Key benefits
>Over 730,000 unique properties with 2.3 million shopping options
>Real-time availability with a wide range of instantly bookable rates: e.g. corporate, net, promotional, weekend, pre-paid, post-paid
>Comprehensive information for making informed decision: cancellation, hold time, guarantee and deposit policy, multilingual descriptive information, rate and room descriptions, hotel amenities, etc.
>Rich multi-media information: photographs, videos, interactive maps
>Accurate geocoding to pinpoint the hotel’s exact location
>Multiple payment options: e.g. credit card, hotel voucher, Hotel billback, credit line, bank transfer
>Incremental agency revenues: commissions, mark ups, service fees
Main features

With Amadeus Hotels you can do business the way you want.

> More content

We set ourselves one simple challenge: to ensure that you find the hotel content you need through one single shopping window.

Leading hotel chains, thousands of independents, ‘private’ content and now, your favourite aggregator partners – GTA (TravelCube and Travel Bound brands), Albatravel, Bedsonline, Destinations of the World, Despegar.com, HRS, hotel.de, SunHotels, Teldar Travel, Travelboutique, Travelguru and more to come.

> More business models

We don't force you to change how you contract and make money – we let you continue to work with your preferred partners the way you want.

We offer a variety of rate types: pre-paid and post-paid, commissionable, negotiated, net-rates/mark-up and service fee models.

We support multiple payment options: credit cards, credit lines, direct debit, billback, etc.
> More points of sale

The solution can be accessed via ready-to-use agency desktop (Amadeus Selling Platform/ Amadeus Hotels plus); online and customised shopping interfaces (Amadeus Hotel Web Services; Amadeus e-Power) and Corporate self-booking tools (Amadeus e-Travel Management) etc.

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