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Amadeus Cruise Web Services

Amadeus Cruise Web Services  image

Amadeus Cruise Web Services is a toolkit specifically designed for customers who develop their own travel products. It allows software developers to build customised applications that access the Amadeus Central System.
Applications developed with this toolkit have a stable and secure connection to the Amadeus Central System. The messages exchanged between the customer's application and the Amadeus Central System are structured or semi-structured, and therefore easier to encode/decode.
Key benefits
  • Decreases development timelines, thus reducing cost
  • Reduces the maintenance effort through greater flexibility and stability of the interface with the Amadeus System
  • Responds faster to customer-specific needs and functional requirements
  • Boasts a standard technology known by developers worldwide
  • Easy to set up, requiring the support of industry-standard communication protocols and off-the-shelf software.
Main features
  • Easy set-up
  • Robust programming environment for software developers, which facilitates the creation of stable and efficient applications. The client package guarantees backwards compatibility with all future Web Services Proxy versions.
  • Eliminates the need for screen parsing by providing the client application with structured data.
  • Internet-based communications standards.
  • 100% online technical documentation with 24/7 support.