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Amadeus Cruise Data Cache

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As the global cruise market continues its rapid growth and the number of options and variations multiply across the industry, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly “search" experience is critically important.
With Amadeus Cruise Data Cache, you will have access to the most up-to-date cruise availability and pricing information from all the cruise lines part of the Amadeus portfolio around the world - all from a single source. 
With Amadeus Cruise Data Cache, there is no need to standardise individual cached data feeds. From various sources, Amadeus has done this for you by bringing you the benefits of Amadeus technology and expertise, as well as our 10+ years of experience in providing valuable solutions for all of your Cruise Distribution needs.
Key benefits
  • Standardised cruise data source with the same formatting, level of information and quality 
  • Eliminates the need to receive multiple cache data feeds
  • Access to accurate up-to-date cruise availability and pricing
  • Upfront pricing available for multiple cabin types - inside/outside/balcony/suite
  • Availability of agency negotiated fares
  • Complete cache refresh delivered every 24 hours via secured channels
  • Optional delivery up to 3 times a day
  • Cache delivered in standard CSV format. Optional formats available
  • Availability of restricted fares: senior, military, residency and past passenger
Main features
  • Faster search speeds
  • More relevant and reliable information
  • Less time and resources spent on maintaining multiple cache feeds
  • This enhanced efficiency will result in higher conversion rates from search-to-book, and increased customer satisfaction - resulting in increased revenues.
  • Amadeus Cruise data cache - Info sheet

    Amadeus Cruise Data Cache provides the travel industries highest source of Global cruise content available today, all within a convenient and single source. This important information is provided to you through a secured channel in which you determine the frequency of data reception.