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Our Partnership Capabilities

Hotel bed with blue and brown pillows

At Amadeus, we understand that running your business is a full time job and you recognize that you need technology to do even the most basic task of checking someone in to your hotel. We’re focused on providing intuitive, powerful solutions that allow you to continue to focus on that full time job; everything we do, we do with your guest in mind. 
Key benefits
  • Sell more with Amadeus’ connections – through our distribution network and / or through our hotel programs, you can become a preferred supplier to a specific travel agency chain or corporation.
  • Sell more with Amadeus Media Solutions – we have a team dedicated to helping you sell more content by advertising your promotions to exactly the right agency or even specific agent in the right location at the right time.
  • Keep up with demand – with travel, it’s search, search, and search again. The look-to-book ratio is rocketing but our staggeringly low response time of less than 0.3 seconds means that our technology is faster than your guest
  • Get peace of mind – our privately-owned DC in Erding, Germany is integral to everything we do. With over 1.6bn transactions processed every day, it has often been referred to as the ‘brain-of-travel’. This DC, with its no-fly zone just like the Pentagon, is what’s looking after your data and processing your transactions.
  • Increase productivity – we understand that time is money and you need to work quickly and efficiently so that your business is profitable. Our aim is always 100% service availability and we design our interfaces so that they are simple to use. With IT migrations, we can even phase in new interfaces so employees get used to a new look over time.
  • Stay ahead of the curve – we’re constantly innovating and partnering with us means you’re partnering with the leading company in the travel and tourism industry according to R&D investment – 2012 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard.
Main features

A few figures that we’re proud of

  • 16 R&D centers around the world
  • 4,500 people dedicated to R&D
  • €347.5m investment in R&D in 2011
  • Access to 95% of the world’s scheduled network airline seats
  • 7500+ servers
  • 1.6 billion+ transactions processed per day
  • 947m Euro in billable travel transactions processed in 2011