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Our Migration Capabilities

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The Amadeus IT migration team understands the competitive world of the hotelier as well as the sensitive nature of proprietary IT systems. The commercial business guys will want everything to migrate at once, the IT guys less so. We have years of migration know-how and a proven methodology that reduces risk but also creates business benefits fast by migrating the functions that are most valuable first.  
Key benefits
  • Stay ahead of the competition – like most hoteliers, migrating your IT to a new system that allows you to provide new mobile content and seamlessly connect to several sub-systems such as the GDS will mean faster speeds and happier customers which, in turn, means happier commercial guys who’ve beaten the competition to get the customer’s business
  • See the benefits fast – IT Migration is a huge task and a long one but you need to start seeing benefits quickly in order to keep the commercial guys onside as well as making profit more generally; business can’t stop for a lengthy migration. At Amadeus, we understand this, and we work with you to identify and move your primary systems first
  • Customize your transition – Amadeus understands that every hotel is different, the legacy systems already in place will vary and it’s important to plan according to your exact situation. With Amadeus, you move what you need to move, in order of your priority. You can also phase out screen displays over time rather than immediately so that staff get used to new interfaces.
  • Plan with the best – Amadeus has excellent credentials in IT migrations. You benefit from the largest team of experienced implementation experts who have developed unique, proven tools and methodologies to ensure the most efficient migration
  • Increase profitability – ultimately, updating your IT systems through a migration will mean more seamless integration with other systems. This, in turn, will mean less staff downtime waiting for legacy systems to load data and it will make bookings easier for your customers and travel agents. Increasing productivity from staff using faster, more intuitive systems and increased bookings means more profit.
Main features
  • Amadeus has a team of more than 2,500 developers that guarantees on time delivery of both the core system and extra functionality
  • Amadeus has a unique track record in the airline industry migrating critical airline systems to the Altéa suite. In February 2011 over 135 airlines have implemented Altéa reservation, over 90 airlines are using Altéa Inventory and more than 30 airlines benefit from Altéa Departure Control.
  • We ensure business continuity throughout the migration and following cutover for new releases / updates with our fully scalable solution