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Amadeus GDS Optimization

Hotel bed with red pillows

At Amadeus, we understand that you need to be sure that your advertising spend brings real business benefits, that you can reach the right audiences, whether that’s a travel agent using the Amadeus system or an individual using our web platforms such as CheckMyTrip, and that you can measure results and tweak your campaigns as needed. 
Amadeus Instant Preference (AIP)
Stack the deck in your favor by getting your hotel to the top of the hotel list with Amadeus Instant Preference (AIP). Once your hotel needs to meet the criteria below, it will be displayed at the top of the screen: 
  • The hotel is activated in the Amadeus database as an AIP participant
  • The agent's date and city request match the hotel's city/airport code and falls within the subscription period
  • The hotel matches any additional search criteria input by the agent, e.g. special rate, amenities, room type, point of reference
If more than one AIP property matches the request, these will be displayed randomly, but at the top of the screen, before non-AIP properties.
Key benefits
  • Your brand awareness and visibility - By securing placement on the key hotel shopping screens, you give your hotel instant, increased visibility and therefore more opportunities to drive incremental bookings to your property.  Even if the hotel does not receive a booking every time (not an exact client match), you are creating more awareness of your hotel's location, name and brand.
  • Reach a huge audience - Amadeus Instant Preference gives you the opportunity to target your message to a network of 400,000 influential travel buyers.
  • Get the most for your spend - Our highly targeted solutions enable you to accurately measure results which means more return on your investment.
Main features
  • 70% of travel agents recall seeing promotional messages. Amadeus’ ‘Sign-In’ solutions give you the opportunity to ‘be there’ when travel agents enter the Amadeus system. They are an excellent solution for communicating news and relevant information. They provide maximum visibility as all agents will go through the ‘Sign-In’ screen before starting work. They are available in both Banner and Text format.
  • 64% of travel agents who were aware of promotional messages ‘click’ for more information. Amadeus Availability Banners are designed for maximum visual impact. You can promote and sell your product to our global audience of travel agents. Influence the agent’s booking decision and communicate relevant information for your customers at that crucial booking moment.