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Amadeus LinkHotel

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The Amadeus LinkHotel offering is divided into two parts: our solution and our services. When combined, you can market your hotel easily and effectively, load room types, rates, availability and sell those rooms through not only the Amadeus Global Distribution System but also the world’s leading global distribution systems (GDSs)
Amadeus LinkHotel solution
Amadeus LinkHotel provides a Centralized Reservation System, LinkHotel CRS, tool that allows you to load and control the distribution of your hotel content, rates and availability. This is a browser-based solution so you just need a computer and internet access to start marketing your hotel with complete control and flexibility over your rates. With one simple connection to Amadeus LinkHotel, your hotel will be available to be booked by hundreds of thousands of GDS travel professionals who generate 100+ million room nights each year. 
Amadeus LinkHotel services 
The Amadeus LinkHotel services are a variety of services that ensure you get the most from your hotel. They include: 
  • Multi-Channel Distribution service – get your rooms and rates seen by travel agents and travelers themselves
    Amadeus LinkHotel connects your hotel to the Amadeus GDS as well as the other main GDSs (Sabre and Travelport) and the IDS (Internet Distribution System). The GDS is the preferred reservation tool that travel agents use to make a hotel booking whilst the IDS is for online travel websites so travelers themselves can see and book your hotel.
  • Consortia & Corporate Contracting – participate in one of these programs to get your hotel a ‘preferred’ status with a particular travel agent or corporation to drive more bookings for your hotel
    Consortia is, broadly speaking, used to describe an association of travel agencies or travel management companies whereas corporate contracting links global corporations directly to hotel properties to negotiate specific rates and sometimes, a customized corporate hotel program. Amadeus has relationships with leading travel agencies and global corporations to help you build your own partnerships.
  • Marketing services – market your hotel as effectively as possible
    The Amadeus LinkHotel marketing solutions allow you to instantly communicate new hotel openings or new room rates to a targeted audience, place your hotel in a prominent position on agency screens and promote your rate to an agent who’s looking for a hotel in your destination.
  • Reports service – make smart business decisions by finding out how your hotel is performing in different channels
    You can track your booking performance by day, month or year, see which channel has brought you the most bookings and see which marketing campaigns result in the most bookings.
  • Increase visibility – enhance the number of ways for agents and travelers to see your hotel rates through the GDS and add the marketing solutions to enable you to target offers to specific agents. Participate in a hotel program to get to the top of a travel agent’s list – making sure you’re top of mind for their bookings.
  • Generate more profit – by getting your rates onto the GDS you should in turn get more bookings and therefore make more profit. By going a step further and participating in a hotel program, you can also benefit from a higher volume of bookings via the consortia of travel agencies who also tend to make higher average daily rate bookings and book for longer stays than average GDS bookings.
  • Tailor offers – use your content management tool alongside your marketing and distribution services to make sure your offers are compelling and all-encompassing.
  • Focus on your business - Amadeus LinkHotel handles commissions for participating hotels through our partner, Worldwide Payment Systems (WPS) so you don’t have to worry about admin issues and can get on with the business of running your hotel.
For more information on Amadeus LinkHotel click here.
Main features
  • You can be a 2-5 star hotel, a full-service hotel, a B&B, a resort or even serviced apartments – or any location where people stay overnight for 1 or many days.
  • Amadeus LinkHotel currently represents properties in 80 different markets.