Amadeus LinkHotel Reports

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Critical to the success of your distribution strategy is the ability to monitor the performance of your hotels and the different channels you are using to sell your hotel rooms.

Amadeus LinkHotel gives you instant access to detailed booking information for each hotel:
  • Reservation status
  • Booking channel
  • Travel agency IATA number
  • Reservation details (guest name, length of stay, room type, rate plan)
  • Total revenue
Booking data can be filtered, exported so it can be analysed and help you make informed decisions on future rate setting and channel management tactics.

5 good reasons to take business intelligence seriously

  1. Track your booking performance by day, month or year
  2. Access detailed data for the most productive distribution channels
  3. Implement and track targeted marketing campaigns based on acquired knowledge of customer and channel behaviour
  4. Analyse your rates according to observed trends
  5. Adjust future rates and inventory, to maximise occupancy and profitability