Resources and Downloads for Ground handlers

Documents and information on the ground handling industry.

Amadeus places at your disposal all its resources about the ground handling industry. You can free download reports, case studies and other valuable resources and documents that can help you better understand ground handlers’ businesses. Amadeus portfolio information is also available which includes key facts about our solutions, products and services for ground handlers.

  • Research reports

    Amadeus ACUS positioning paper

    The cloud isn’t an end goal, but rather an enabler. Just because your vendor offers you common use in the cloud, doesn’t mean you are benefiting from being in the cloud.

    Research reports
  • Case studies

    Star Alliance LHR T2 case study

    For the first time in aviation history, a group of airlines have come together under one roof to work in a truly common way, using common use technology.

    Case studies
  • Portfolio brochures

    Amadeus Airport Common Use Service

    Agility in shared-use

    Portfolio brochures
  • Infographics

    Social Responsibility infographic

    Contributing to local development through technology, people and global travel. See the infographic about Amadeus’ social commitment in 2015 worldwide.