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Amadeus PRM system


Improve services to passengers with reduced mobility

Providing assistance to passengers with reduced mobility is one service airlines and airports provide to their customers. But keeping track of these requests and the personnel to fulfill these tasks can be a time consuming process. A missed assignment can lead to a delayed flight, customer dissatisfaction and bad publicity.

Within its resource management system, we have included a specialised features to ensure that the support of PRM can be provided efficiently. Based on information from the airlines and the passengers themselves (through, for example,  the airport's own website), the system will generate a staffing requirement based on the qualifications required to perform the necessary services. It is also used to schedule the equipment necessary to perform the different services. 

Using mobile devices, the employee can enter the status of each talk which will make KPI and SLA evaluation as well as invoicing easier and more accurate. Furthermore, web-based terminals or applications on info kiosks at defined locations both on and off the airport can also be installed for passengers to enter ad-hoc service requests.

Key benefits
  • Effectively and efficiently provide services to passengers with reduced mobility
  • Generate an optimised staffing based on qualifications required 
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering best-in-class services (both on and off the airport)
  • Better evaluate SLA and proceed invoicing more accurately
Main features
  • PDA task management information
  • Kiosk application for requesting services
  • Information services to passengers (e.g. WLAN and SMS support)
  • System integration  with operational database
  • Integration of wireless communication infrastructure
  • Telex processing
  • System event logging
  • Audit trail
  • Call center and WWW integration